despairLife sometimes happens suddenly, unexpected and without warning.

As I woke up to one sunny morning to what should have been just another normal day, I wasn’t prepared for what followed.

15 Minutes after I left home for a meeting I got called back. My husband had collapsed, not to ever wake up again.

In the hardest moments of my life, I had choices to make, I could choose to give up on making life word, or to recalculate.

5 months later I verbalized my choice in the following poem:

“Life threw a curveball. A sudden, unexpected re-direct in the path. Nothing was the same. A deep, irreparable gash, the all too familiar road came to a dead end. No signs, no detour, no direction, no clarity of way.

Five and a half months of re-mapping, taming hills and valleys, stumbling over obstacles, swimming through rivers and bashing through a thick unknown …. and somewhere ahead …. a wide unidentified openness to find and explore.

Thrown off track. Signal lost. Navigation blurred.

Then a faint hope. Recalculate.  The old data plotting the course, now only carved in memories. Recalculate, plotting a new course, using different data, however unknown.

An end destination – Life! It has always been.

The only familiarity. Life. The only known in the equation.

Recalculate – an unknown path to a known destination.”


This is where a Life Coach comes in.

Contact us to link up with a Life Coach that will walk alongside you and help you make sense of life when it doesn’t and help you move from uncertainty to success.


lilies of the field

Art is very subjective. Yet, it is the one thing that reaches out far beyond the boundaries of words. It intuitively connects – with yourself and with others.

This painting is no different. It might have started as a thought, a mere seed of daydreaming and technically it needed some planning. If I think back to the creative process around the girl looking out the window, I could superficially say that I merely created for the sake of creating something nice to look at. And maybe that was true for that moment.

But now …. every time I stand in front of the original, it connects with emotion and asks questions. Every time I look at the girl at the window, I know that she reached deeper within me to be able to give every viewer a story to get lost in. A space to create their own story … as story beyond the one she tells.



The routines of every day embrace us like the four sides of the box we live in.
Our life is literally encased in boxes from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed.

The wake-up alarm sirens, sings or chirps from the box next to our bed, be it a digital clock radio or cell phone. Opening our eyes, staring at the ceiling of our not so big bedroom, we put out our arm to hit the snooze button, dreading the routine of the day that looks pretty much like all the yesterdays before it. Eventually, we get up, scan through the box in which we hang our clothes to find an appropriate outfit and we get ready, whether we are or not.

By now, we are running late and we quickly grab some breakfast from a box, warm the milk in the microwave and eat on the run, while we scan through the new messages on our cell phone.

We get into our car and speed away to try and make up for  lost time, only to find ourselves boxed in on all four sides by the usual bumper to bumper traffic on the way to work. Again, we pull out our cell phones and start a conversation, a chat, or read more new messages and perhaps even an email or two while we slowly cruise along into what seems forever.

Maybe, just maybe, we take a moment to look up to ensure that we are still a safe distance away from the car in front of us and as we do so, we slightly lift our gaze above the rows and rows of metal rooftops around us. A few thoughts run through our minds….

“Is this all that there is to life?”
“I wish life was easier and less pressured.”
“It’s a month into the new year and I still have nothing to show for my new year’s resolutions… “

Followed by a frown and a sigh.

And this is only the beginning of your day.

By now I can almost tell you what the rest of your day will be like. By now I can tell you how you are going to feel when you get home tonight.

Is this really what you were created to be? Are you really living who you are meant to be?
There are a few things you can do to give life new meaning:

– Set compelling goals
– Change your focus
– Determine your values
– Unstick yourself and find a new way

… and if you don’t know how, well, that’s where I come in. That’s the role of a qualified outcome-based Life Coach.

Life can be what you want it to be. It only really requires action. Contact me to help you be who you are meant to be and be where you want to be.

Book a speaker
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Book a one on one session

But do what it takes to be, do, and have what you want.

Message me or leave a comment below, to help you to make life work. And if this is not for you and you know someone who needs it, please share it. Be the difference for them.action for success - 6 Feb 2020


Life happens suddenly and often comes as a surprise. It drops down on us like a mountain falling from the sky and suddenly our yesterday’s vision and excitement turn into tomorrow’s questions and uncertainty.

No matter how much we plan, train or do, we never are prepared. There is always a surprise we didn’t anticipate. Suddenly we find ourselves in turmoil – a chaos we don’t know how to solve …

All we see is the raging storm around us and the towering waves gushing against what we once thought to be a safe comfortable place. In fact, all we see is the huge dark wave coming at us. We find our heart racing and fear overtaking us. It is all so overwhelming.

And maybe this is your reality. Maybe not as intense as I have described it, but none the less, there is some sense of anxiety or fear about the uncertainty that lies ahead of you.

I want to tell you that this might be your reality, but it certainly isn’t the truth.

I know … at this point, you might be thinking that I have no clue what your life is like, that I can’t possibly understand your tight spot …

And you’re right, but I can tell you that when we are in a storm, we freeze up and miss the opposite side of the coin. We miss the vast expanse of possibilities that lie just beyond where we are at.

We look at the chaos and miss the victory that has already overcome everything. We all have that victory within us. It sometimes just needs shifting our focus slightly. It sometimes means lifting or turning our head ever so slightly. It sometimes requires different action than what we’ve been used to.

Granted … we didn’t cause the storm, it just happened, but instead of drowning in the waves, we can learn to swim or change course to navigate a different direction. For each person, there is success beyond all of this.

Sometimes what we face is not the end, but rather the beginning of something great. It just requires a little help from another perspective.

This is exactly why everyone needs a coach – to move them from struggle to success.

So why try and go at it alone? Allow me to help you see the endless possibilities that will take you to another level.

Your online Life Coach