It is very easy to look at life around us and stare straight blank into the grey of it. The example of seeing the tiniest black dot on a huge white sheet of paper and then consider the page spoiled, marked or dirty, is very relevant. We all do it. We want everything in life to be so perfectly neat and tidy. We want life to be clean and smooth going.

As I painted this, I started with the grey sky and for two days there was nothing more than grey on the canvas. This in a space of my life where the grey around (and perhaps within me) was more predominant than the brightest bright just a slight turn away.

But the sunbird is so big and bright. How can you miss it? Yes sure …. if you look at it from a distance. If you stand very close to the canvas, it really is possible to miss everything else and only see the grey.

I guess, there is a lesson in this for all of us. When next life feels like an overwhelmingly grey mass of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and discouragement, try a new perspective. Stand back and look at the bigger picture and if it still doesn’t make sense turn around and create a new one on a new canvas – the way you want it to looksun bird