Each and every day, 24/7, we are playing out new stories. Our minds never sleeps and there are constantly new thoughts running through which we either embrace or discard.

We are mesmerised, hypnotised and live the world we create for ourselves.

“What if ….?”

“I can’t….!”

“That’s not allowed ….”

“I wish I could …..”

“I’m not …”

Sound familiar?

Our world is in shambles and seems to be upside down and we wonder why.

Has anyone ever told you life is a reflection of the seeds you’ve sown?

The writer of proverbs knew this when he said

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” (Proverbs 18:21)

The truth is we have choices.

Choices to change the way our world looks.

Choices what stories we tell ourselves.

Choices what we accept and tolerate.

Choices to downgrade or upgrade our lives.

We were meant to live great lives, but we have choices.

And then sometimes we actually do take time to think about what we think about and try and change what we tell ourselves. Just listen to this statement as you read it. How does it make you feel?

Trying is nothing more than giving up before you start.

Journaling for success is the key to opening up your mind to new potentials. It is the key that holds you accountable for success, simply because paper is both patient and at the same time has a way of encouraging in a manner that the best coach does with a top-performing athlete. If done right, it engraves your potential success into your mind and heart and makes it the strongest motivator you will ever have.

Exploring your dreams, creating new possibilities, and tapping into your soul.  Taking logic out of the story for just a little while and actioning your wildest dreams will boost your paper possibility into reality because it uses all the parts of your brain to make you feel good and engages every part of your being.

Everyone is created to be a creative being – even the most non-creative amongst us. So there is really no excuse to actively engage in creating your biggest success.